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Controller/ Operations Manager

Alexandria has had many jobs within KPO's administrative staff over the last 10+ years. Originally hired as KPO's Coeur d'Alene receptionist and administrative assistant when her other talents surfaced and she was promoted to accounts payable and receivable manager then promoted again to Controller. She is the woman behind the curtain working with everyone on staff to ensure the business is running effectively and smoothly.

The Brooklyn, New York, native does a mean Marisa Tomei impression and spends her free time bowling on a team with husband Joe, cooking and hanging out with their English Springer Spaniel fur babies, Frank and Stein.

"I enjoy working with a great group of people who are all striving to make a real difference in our patients' lives," Alex says. "Being able to see firsthand the change we make in our patients' lives makes all the hard work worth it."

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