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A lot depends on what you are being seen for, however, our initial evaluations remain the same for many of our services.

You'll be greeted by our Receptionist who will gather information from you. In order for a practitioner to see you we will collect basic demographic information, a current prescription from your physician may be required, and we will need to take copies of a photo ID and your insurance cards, if applicable. 

Once we have all of necessary information we will take you to a private patient room where your practitioner will discuss your prescription and plan for care with you. Depending on services we may take a cast or measurements. Casting is occasionally postponed to another appointment for various reasons. 

The casting process consists of a procedure using plaster or fiberglass wrap (which is removed after it hardens). If casting is necessary, it will be used for fabrication of a custom device. It is important to note that custom devices take time to be fabricated and you will not receive this device at your initial visit. However, prefabricated or "Off The Shelf " items are often provided upon your first visit. 

From there we will verify insurance benefits, if applicable, obtain any prior authorization, discuss any estimated financial responsibility, and work on fabrication or order of your item. The time frame can vary greatly and will be discussed with you. 

Once your devices are complete you will be scheduled for a trial fit or in the case of many orthotic devices a final fit and delivery. For some orthotic devices and nearly all prosthetic devices many more fit and adjustment appointment are necessary before final delivery.

We will also advise you schedule regular follow up appointments to ensure and maintain appropriate fit and function of devices. 

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