Mike Lewenfus

Certified Orthotist, Prosthetic Resident

Mike joined KPO last year and is currently a resident in prosthetics. He discovered the field of prosthetics and orthotics after volunteering at the University of California San Francisco  ​Amputee Comprehensive Training. He then volunteered at a clinic in San Francisco and was hooked on the profession. Mike obtained a master’s degree in prosthetics in 2017 from California State University, Dominguez Hills. 
Originally from Los Angeles, Mike had never skied till he moved here. Anxious to learn the sport, he took a lesson and this past winter quickly graduated from green runs to blue. Mike and his fiancée Colleen like to ski and go camping, and Mike loves to cook and do metal castings of jewelry and odds and ends.  
“I find prosthetics and orthotics rewarding because we are providing people with the tools they need to help reach their mobility goals,” Mike says.

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