Director of Operations
Billing & Claims Manager

Ginger wanted a career change when she applied for a job with KPO after spending over a decade in the service industry, most recently as a coffee shop manager and barista. She enjoyed the public contact but wanted to help people in a bigger way than supplying their daily caffeine injection. We hired Ginger as a receptionist at the Coeur d’Alene office in 2013 but she quickly moved into billing and contracting and is now director of operations. Organized, unflappable and flexible, Ginger works with providers and practitioners and oversees the administrative staff. The term Girl Friday was coined for someone like Ginger – able to juggle, manage, sooth and straighten out nearly any situation.

The Pacific Northwest native is always dreaming up something creative and enjoys spending her free time working on DIY projects with her husband and two daughters. Ginger is also a craft brewer and enjoys olympic weightlifting.

“You get to learn something new in this job every day,” Ginger says, “and more importantly you know that what you do makes a difference in the lives of each and every patient. Watching the progress is just so awesome!”